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New patient consultation (75 minutes)


The purpose of the initial evaluation is to assess your endocrinology needs and to determine if they can be met in this practice. There is no guarantee that treatment will proceed unless we agree that my endocrinology micropractice can meet your needs. However, even if treatment does not proceed, there is still a fee for the evaluation. The first consultation lasts 75 minutes. This fee includes review of endocrinology records prior to the appointment. 

Urgent 24/7 call coverage and direct text/email with doctor is included for 30 days, after which patients may purchase an annual plan that includes concierge services or pay the annual concierge fee separately. 

Annual Concierge Fee Plan 


Designed to cover a person's out-patient endocrinology care for a year, this plan is ideal for those with issues such as diabetes, new onset thyroid illness, obesity or multiple endocrine problems. Also ideal for gender non-confirming individuals wishing to start hormone therapy.  This plan includes the annual concierge fee.  The new patient initial consultation fee is separate. 

  • Unlimited visits as needed (office or televisit)

  • Weight management and counseling visits

  • Comprehensive concierge services includes 24/7 call access

Annual Concierge Services

Concierge service fee is included in all annual plans.

What kinds of services are covered by this fee?

  • ordering & interpreting imaging outside of visits

  • ordering & interpreting labs outside of visits

  • coordination of care outside of visits

  • medication refills & adjustments outside of visits

  • treatment plan adjustments outside of visits

  • insurance prior authorization requests regardless of complexity

  • 24/7 direct text with the doctor

  • 24/7 urgent phone call coverage with the doctor

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