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New patient consultation (60 minutes)

$230 (covered by Medicare, so no payment due at time of visit)

The purpose of the initial evaluation is to assess your endocrinology needs and to determine if they can be met in this practice. There is no guarantee that treatment will proceed unless we agree that my endocrinology micropractice can meet your needs. However, even if treatment does not proceed, there is still a fee for the evaluation. The first consultation lasts 60 minutes. 

After the initial consultation, if you decide to continue receiving care from Dr. Sloan, a $1000 annual concierge practice fee is due at your follow-up visit or within 30 days of your consultation, whichever comes first.  

Follow-up visits      

Medical Visits

Covered by traditional Medicare, so payment not due at appointment.

Due to COVID-19, visits conducted by telephone or video are covered by Medicare until further notice.

  • 25-minute visit (billed to Medicare)

  • 40-minute visit (billed to Medicare)

Concierge Annual Practice Fee $1000/yr (not covered by Medicare)
- Includes 24/7 call coverage


To receive follow-up care from Dr. Sloan, there is a $1000 concierge practice fee due at the first follow-up within 1 month of the new patient visit, and annually thereafter.  

What kinds of services are covered by this fee?

  • ordering & interpreting imaging outside of visits

  • ordering & interpreting labs outside of visits

  • coordination of care outside of visits

  • medication refills & adjustments outside of visits

  • treatment plan adjustments outside of visits

  • insurance prior authorization requests regardless of complexity

  • 24/7 direct text with the doctor

  • 24/7 urgent phone call coverage with the doctor

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