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If this is your first time scheduling an appointment, login to complete a brief one-time registration for this website. 


After you've registered, simply choose an appointment slot on the scheduling page to book your appointment.  You can choose the amount of time you need to address your endocrine issues. 


If this will be the first time seeing me, or if you haven't seen me in the past 3 years, then choose a new patient appointment.  If you're a current or recent patient, then book a follow-up appointment.  

My practice is called a micro-practice.  This means it's just me (and you).  No medical assistant or scheduler or prior authorization specialist.  I thank you in advance for trying out the online booking system.  I know it's not as personal as speaking to a person, but hopefully the advantages of being able to choose the length of your appointment and of being able to focus completely on your medical issues when we see each other will make it worthwhile.  

If this booking system is not functioning properly, and you are unable to schedule your appointment, please contact me.

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